Tutoring Testimonials

Yasmin has been helping our son with his A level economics for nearly a year. Yasmin is an outstanding tutor. She has excellent teaching skills and subject knowledge. She is also very knowledgeable on exam and writing techniques. Not only has she boosted our son’s predicted grade in economics, but she has also increased his confidence and enthusiasm for economics. I would highly recommend Yasmin.

Yasmin has, and continues to be, a superb tutor for our son. There were some areas in which he was struggling to grasp the concepts which made his grades suffer (D). Yasmin not only navigated his way through these but gave him the confidence that only a first-class tutor can do. He is now all but guaranteed a (B) and his hoping to get an A. This genuinely wouldn’t be the case if it were not for Yasmin. We would recommend without reservation.

An excellent tutor. Diligent, dedicated and extremely thoughtful. We will certainly use Yasmin again.

When I started having tutor sessions with Yasmin, I was receiving grade D and E in economics, but even after a few weeks with her I was seeing a massive difference in my grades.

Since seeing her I achieved A’s and B’s in tests every time and got a B in my economics A level with her help despite my sixth form predicting me a D. Yasmin’s knowledge as someone who marks paper and works with Edexcel really helps with the tutoring as she can specifically show you what is and isn’t necessary in your work.

Yasmin is also very keen to help in whatever way she can and is adaptable to different types of tutor sessions to whatever suits your needs best. With the help only provided by my sixth form I wouldn’t have achieved anywhere near as well as I did with the help of Yasmin also, and my overall experience with her as my tutor was great and extremely worthwhile. I’d highly recommend.

Yasmin was superb help. Thanks to our lessons I was able to boost my exam technique in writing essays as well as improving my subject knowledge. At the end I secured an offer to study in UCL. Thank you!

Yasmin has been an amazing tutor for me – particularly with helping with exam technique. I feel confident that an A grade in A level economics will now be within my grasp.

Yasmin has tutored our daughter in A level economics for a couple of months now. During this time, she has helped our daughter build her understanding of economics and confidence tremendously. Yasmin has a great mastery of the subject and has a unique way to explain economic concepts simply and clearly. She has also taught her practical exam techniques and writing skills, which have started paying off already in school tests. Our daughter is a lot happier now about exam preparation. We would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to develop a good knowledge base in economics and learn effective exam techniques.

So pleased we found Yasmin, my daughter just got A in her 1st year A level mock exam.

Yasmin is punctual and her method of teaching has proved to been effective for us.

Yasmin accommodated Ben at late notice and has helped both writing and exam technique rapidly. Yasmin has good insight into the mindset of examiners which really helps.

Yasmin is a brilliant tutor, with immaculate knowledge on the topic she focuses on. She composes a well-established method of tackling essay technique, driving my grades closer to my predictions.

Effective teacher, very good teaching method.

Only had Yasmin for a few weeks now and I’m so so glad I went with her. Have learnt a lot already involving knowledge and exam technique. Still have a lot more to learn before exams but hopefully with the continued lesson all my worries and doubts will be turned around. Many thanks Yasmin for all your help so far 🙂

Very flexible and friendly tutor. She is easy to communicate with and very reliable. Explains things clearly in an easy way to understand. Very good for improving technique, would highly recommend.

Yasmin’s sessions have been great! She has really helped my son with his writing technique and has greatly improved his confidence when writing essays.

Only one session so far, but Yasmin’s approach made total sense and has increased confidence enormously. We are arranging further lessons and would highly recommend.

Yasmin has been a very positive find!

My son feels more confident with his subject knowledge and with his ability to tackle the course as a whole.

Yasmin has really helped me both with exam technique and knowledge of economics. I am feeling much more confident now on how to tackle exam questions. I would really recommend her to anyone who needs help with A level economics.

High level, fast paced tuition that I found extremely beneficial. Although it was very fast paced at times i found myself learning more than if i was with one of my own teachers or by myself. The lessons were overall a huge success and better prepared me for my exams.

We are extremely happy with the support Yasmin has provided our son. She has a great way of conveying the theory. Her work with our son on question practice has been particularly helpful.

Yasmin has been very helpful, and I’m feeling a lot more confident about my upcoming exams. She is very professional and is always quick to respond to any queries I have. The feedback and advice she has given on my essays has really helped me to develop my answers. I would definitely recommend Yasmin to anyone looking to get top marks in A level Economics.

Yasmin is one of the most professional and helpful teachers i have come across. She has helped me broaden my business knowledge and understanding and i now feel much more confident. She has a bubbly, kind personality and is always willing to help with anything i come to her with. She responds very quickly to all my requests. I can feel myself improving after each session i have with Yasmin, personally I highly recommend Yasmin as her teaching is clear, understandable and intelligible.

Very good tutor, has helped me improve a lot in economics, would definitely recommend!

Yasmin is helping John with his Economics. John has already made improvement on understanding the concepts and writing skills. Yasmin is good at keeping my informed about John’s progress. Thanks.

Yasmin has really helped my son with the fundamentals of structuring answers to exam questions. He has gained more confidence and now understands where he goes wrong.

He enjoys his lessons with Yasmin and feels her teaching style enables clearer understanding.

Such a great teacher, would defiantly recommend.

I have been very lucky to meet Yasmin. She is an excellent tutor. I would highly recommend her!

Yasmin is a very good economics tutor and has really helped me improve on my essay writing, as she sets a very high standard. She is also very knowledgeable in her field and explains things very well.

Yasmin was really helpful in both improving my knowledge and writing skills. I really enjoyed our lessons. Many Thanks Georgina.

Yasmin has been a very good tutor. I have enjoyed my lessons and she has given me a lot of help on improving my essay writing techniques.

Really good tutor who is always prepared with informative PowerPoints and makes the difficult topics much easier to understand. Would definitely recommend.

Yasmin is an excellent tutor. My son finds her very helpful and knowledgeable in the subject. Her experience as an examiner is very beneficial as she can give good suggestions on how to answer the exam questions. Hopefully with her help, my son will achieve top grades.

Yasmin responded quickly to our request for tutoring my daughter for her A2 year in Economics. She is easy to communicate with and although early days the sessions are going well. My daughter is finding the sessions helpful. Yasmin is reliable and well prepared for her lessons. Couldn’t fault anything so far… it is just what my daughter needed.

Yasmin very kindly fitted in my daughter for some last-minute Economics A2 tutoring when my daughter panicked, just weeks before the exam! She was extremely helpful, especially in terms of explaining the marking schemes and exam technique and giving my daughter confidence when she needed it. My daughter only had two sessions so I don’t think Yasmin can take all the credit for my daughter’s A* but we are very grateful to her for stepping in when we needed her!

Yasmin has been really helpful with working on Robert’s essay writing which is his weak spot – she is patient and knowledgeable and although it is early days, I hope that this will succeed in improving his essay structure and style.

Yasmin is tutoring my 18-year-old daughter Olivia in Business Studies. Yasmin has a great knowledge of the subject and has helped Olivia to approach the upcoming A levels with confidence.

Yasmin has been positive and very helpful with my daughter’s tuition.
She listens and encourages; only wish we had found her earlier!!

We highly recommend Yasmin. She’s tutoring my son who’s repeating an AS1 exam and preparing for AS2’s in economics. He is very comfortable with her and she has been an immense help to him providing focus and direction as he works through the syllabus. He speaks very highly of the tuition sessions and feels very confident as a result.

Yasmin has been tutoring my son Dan who is self-studying A level Economics. She made a fast and accurate assessment of where he was in terms of his learning and set out credible objectives and timescales. Yasmin is a consummate professional with a thorough understanding of her subjects and how to teach them. My son looks forward to his tutorial sessions and under Yasmin’s tutelage has continued to develop not just his understanding of the subject but also his enjoyment of it.

Yasmin has been very helpful and encouraging to our son Adam, who is due to take his A level Business Studies in the summer. She has given him lots of useful tips and we are confident that with her continued support, Adam will get a good grade.

I got great help from Yasmin with my accounting work, she explained trial balance a lot better and made clear what each section involved in the income statement and balance sheet.

Yasmin taught Business Studies and Economics to classes of around 5-8 students during our Easter Revision programme at CCSS. She has also completed one on one tutorials with some of our students who needed some extra help. The feedback from Yasmin’s teaching has consistently been very positive from students and parents alike. Yasmin is always well prepared and professional and has proven to be excellent at motivating students, increasing their confidence and keeping them interested. Her teaching seems to have produced some great results and we look forward to working with Yasmin again in the future!

I have found Yasmin extremely helpful. She is very approachable and has helped with area I have found difficult.

Yasmin really helped me with my exam revision. She gave me lots of information that wasn’t given to me in the lectures, which helped me to develop my understanding better. I would definitely recommend her and gladly use her again if the moment arose.

Thank you Yasmin – have helped Annie a lot already. Please could you help Annie, next Saturday, with revision strategy for the resit and Annie will email you anything else further on Thursday.

I love this tutor.
She is really nice well-prepared teacher.
Also, her study skills really helped me a lot while preparing exam.
Thank you Yasmin. X)

Yasmin has a wide and in-depth knowledge of her subject. She has helped my daughter with her A ‘level business study and also exam technique. My daughter’s grades have improved significantly since having lessons with Yasmin. I would not hesitate to recommend Yasmin.